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What we  have achieved so far

I often forget quite how far we have come, so I made this gallery to remind myself and all of you what we have achieved...

What's next for Twigs & Leaf?

Below is a small section that I will update regularly with all of my new plans for the business, stay tuned!

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Psychic Mediumship

I would love to incorporate readings into my business and am currently working hard to find a space for me to do this.


Bathroom  Range

I will be releasing my bathroom range soon ! This will include a shower bar for ALL skin types, as well as positive energy soaps and exfoliating bars.

Homemade Natural Soap
mushroom terrarium.jpg


Mushroom Terrariums

I am looking to see if Mini Terrariums would be something that interests my audience, these would likely include positive energy herbs and crystals !



I am studying runes to see if this is something I can bring into my store.

pic 3.jpg
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