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Meditation in Forest
About Me & My Business 


Twigs & Leaf (previously BubonicTonic) was formed after lockdown as a way for me to feel connected to my family who I had moved away from during covid.
My grandmother had always had a love for the supernatural, wh
ilst my grandad had a love for nature and agriculture, I inherited both of their passions growing up and later found my way into green witchcraft ! In fact, my grandfather was my first customer.

Since then I have changed the business name to Twigs and Leaf (to better reflect my two passions.) However, I want to keep BubonicTonic within the business, therefore BubonicTonic will now stand for any products that contain my own artwork and story; as a sort of love letter to the beginning of the business!


All of my products are solely created by myself, and I take great pride in my craft, therefore sometimes order's can take a little while to roll out so I can really get the fine details to perfection !

My Beliefs

I believe that in the modern day, a lot of big businesses have an almost perfect product.
What I mean by this, is that when you look into a shop window or your going around a section in the supermarket, you may find a T-Shirt that you absolutely love at first glance...But then, upon closer inspection you see there are some minor details that don't quite match your personality (maybe a small logo you don't like  or a slightly off colour) and you think to yourself, "oh well, I really like the T-shirt, I will get it anyways" and you settle.

Well my aim as a small business is to stop you from settling! I always strive to allow all my products to be customisable, so in case you see any small details that you don't immediately love, or you want to get someone important to you a gift that truly they will cherish, we can work together to create that ideal product!

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