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Twigs and Leaf is a small business run by myself. I am a practicing druid and psychic medium who creates small trinkets and decor to bring positive energy into people's home's. Everything I make is handmade and take's time, therefore please order well in advance if you need your item for a specific date. I really want to emphasize how all of my items are customisable, therefore, if something isn't to your exact liking, drop me a message! We can work together to make sure you get the perfect item Whilst I work hard to bring out my items in my "shop" section, you *might* find that you get exclusive goodies in hampers/mystery boxes!


I always try to be accommodating so if you have come here with something specific in mind, drop me a message and we can work together on it!

All kinds of items are available in the store, everything is handmade and customisable...

This is currently offered at a client home basis only as I do not have the facilities to do this at a business location yet.

I have a lot of ideas for this little store, check out this section of the site to find out more.

Stay up to date  on all of Twigs & Leafs blog posts!

Thank you for supporting my small business, anyway you can !

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